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John Mayer thinks Ben Affleck's The Accountant is secretly a Batman movie

And he is trolling anyone who says otherwise...

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 31 December 2017, 8:53 PM
Wait, what?!

Wait, what?! Image: Twitter

Did you know John Mayer is a DC guy? We didn't either. The Your Body is a Wonderland singer has some serious theories about Batfleck aka Ben Affleck's Batman. John thinks Ben Affleck's 2016 crime thriller The Accountant is a Batman origin story. Yeah, we're confused, too, but hear him out.

 "It’s a Bruce Wayne origin story. We see that he is both trained in fighting and accounting. His father was shot. His trailer/storage space is the first bat-cave. He is beginning to acquire great wealth," John tweeted this week. But, but... it doesn't quite make sense.

There is an obvious Ben Affleck parallel — he plays a troubled messiah-type figure in both the movies. There's also JK Simmons, who plays Commissioner Gordon (in Justice League) and the head of the Treasury Department's crime division, who is trying to discover the identity of the 'Accountant' in The Accountant.

John Mayer
Say what, John? (Image: Twitter)

But The Accountant is about a public accountant (with high-functioning autism, and a martial arts background), who works for notorious crimelords. So, the personal tragedy, Kung Fu and the crime connect fall into place. But there's a very obvious difference — Chris, the 'Accountant' and Bruce Wayne are on two opposite sides of the law. Though Bruce had a sketchy youth and once intended to murder the killer of his parents, he still remains the face of justice. But Chris actually tries to escape the law.

But both the Affleck personas — Batman and The Accountant — have been box-office duds. While The Accountant failed to make a mark upon its release, Batfleck has not been working in Affleck's favour either.

Tweeple obviously have a lot of feelings about John Mayer's theory. Have a look.

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