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Is your bae a party pooper? You are not alone, Mira Rajput feels you

Sasha is allegedly oh-so-boring at parties, Mira spills the deets

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 20 March 2018, 6:38 PM
Sasha is clearly not a cool party partner for Mira

Sasha is clearly not a cool party partner for Mira Image: Fotocorp

Is your bae a bore when it comes to parties? Does he/she kill your energy at social gatherings? Well, you are not alone. Mira Rajput feels you.

Yes. Shahid Kapoor might be all perky and chirpy on screen or when it comes to gushing about little Misha and the queen of his life Mira, but if his wife is to be believed, Sasha is a complete flop at parties. Ouch!

Apparently, when Mira was asked to name a celebrity who is a complete bore at parties on BFFs with Vogue, without a second thought she named Shahid. And poor Sasha couldn't do much but gulp down the bitter pill of truth with a glum face.






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Mira seems to be brutally honest even when she is revealing some not-so-pleasant truths about her hubby. Don't we love her for that!

Like Mira, we all have peeps in our lives who are absolute killjoys at parties. But despite that annoying trait, we can't love them any less. At most, we can laugh them away and show them the mirror of reality, just like Mira does.  

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