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Irrfan Khan would love to change Adolf Hitler's mind if he gets superpowers

The actor also wants to see life beyond death

IANS 11 December 2016, 8:15 PM
Irrfan Khan apparently has a godfather

Irrfan Khan apparently has a godfather Image: AFP

Mr Intrigue Irrfan Khan never stops surprising us. The Inferno actor says if he was given a chance, he would want many superpowers, including one which would allow him to time travel and change the minds of people like Adolf Hitler.

"I want to time travel and want to have the power to change people's thinking. Like if I had the power to change Hitler's mind, I would force him to follow Gandhism or make him love Jews. There are so many politicians, if I could change their mind, I would love to do that," Irrfan said. He also added, "I want to have a power where I could die consciously and see life beyond death and come back (to life) again." Well, that is really something.

The actor took part in a rapid-fire round while launching a fashion store In Mumbai recently. Khan was also asked to choose his favourite director between Tigmangshu Dhulia and Vishal Bhardwaj. He said it is tough as both are very important to him. Although he was very sorted about the choice of his favourite actor and picked his Inferno co-star Tom Hanks.


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