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India has the second highest number of public binge-watchers. We knew it!

A Netflix survey reveals that desis love bingeing in public

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 15 November 2017, 8:47 PM
Are you bingeing out loud, yet?

Are you bingeing out loud, yet? Image: YouTube/ TVF Inmates

Did you know 72% of Indians have laughed out loud in public while watching their favourite shows? Yup — so the next time some random dude next to you can't stop laughing while looking at his phone, do not throw him shade. Chances are, everybody's doing it except you. Bingeing is obviously a fanatastic option while commuting. People are not sad about travelling an hour-and-a-half for work anymore, cuz that just means more binge time. A Netflix data reveals that India has the second-highest rate of public bingeing, after Mexico. So, you need to get with the programme.

No shame in the binge game (Source: Netflix)

While Mexico scored 89% on the public bingeing scale, India is a very close second at 88%. It was even revealed in the survey that half of the desi binge-lovers download their shows at home before leaving, with 65% do their viewing on trains, 58% on buses, and 52% on planes. 26% of people have cried in public while watching something (we bet it was 13 Reasons Why), and 29% of Indians have gasped or jumped out of shock while watching something. 

Seriously, beware (Source: Netflix)

Remember how annoying someone snooping on your newspaper would get? Yeah — they have been replaced with screen snoopers. People who'll snoop to catch whatever you're bingeing on. Super annoying, yet super common. 19% of desis have been caught peeking into another's screen. 30% of Indians have been embarrassed with what they were watching and 30% is also the fraction of desis who have missed trains, buses and flights because of their bingeing.

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