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In pics: Misha peeks out of the car to catch daddy Shahid Kapoor's flying kiss

We bet you haven't seen anything cuter than this today

Debasmita Ghosh @debasmitashankr 27 June 2017, 8:45 PM

I will be back soon: Is that what Sasha is trying to tell Misha as he heads to the gym? Image: Viral Bhayani

Daddy now makes a gesture to draw his baby's attention Image: Viral Bhayani

And Baby Misha is too happy to respond Image: Viral Bhayani

Shahid is ready to to send a flying kiss for his tiny munchkin Image: Viral Bhayani

And there you go... Image: Viral Bhayani

Look at those glowing eyes, wrapped in daddy-love Image: Viral Bhayani

That Misha is turning out to be a replica of daddy Shahid Kapoor is a given. And do we need more proof to know that she's daddy's favourite, too? Just look at these series of clicks by our shutterbug, when Shahid, on his way to the gym, waves at Misha, and the li'l one is seen peeking out of the car with utmost earnesty. It can't get cuter than this, can it?

The next moment, Sasha throws a flying kiss back at his baby girl, who, looking every bit a princess with that pink rose on her hair, holds on to the car window to have a last glance at daddy before they part ways for a few hours. Awww! Our hearts are melting and how! Have a look.

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