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I don’t get starstruck at Cannes: Sonam Kapoor

Actor Sonam Kapoor, who is gearing up for the 69th Cannes Film Festival, says she doesn't get intimidated by other celebrities at the red carpet

7 May 2016, 8:44 PM
Sonam Kapoor at the Cannes, last year

Sonam Kapoor at the Cannes, last year Image: Getty

Actor Sonam Kapoor is now a regular at the Cannes Film Festival. For the last five years, she’s been walking the red carpet for an international beauty brand along with Hollywood biggies. "It doesn't matter which part of the world you are from whether you are white, brown or black everybody is the same so I don't get starstruck unless I really respect the person," says Sonam. (Read: I used to like bad boys: Sonam Kapoor)


"If I meet Barbra Streisand or someone like that then I will be starstruck or else just celebrities don't impress me," says Sonam, who credits her height for her confidence at the big event that sees actors and filmmakers from across the world gather every year. "I am so tall so when I walk, it's completely different because I wear really high platform heels. So, I think it's very difficult for anyone to intimidate me because they are like so small… I don't get intimidated by people because people are just people.” (Read: Can actors really be BFFs? Sonam Kapoor gets candid)


Sonam adds that she isn’t stressing over her outfit at the event from now. “It's always better to not be stressed and it's always better to have a glass of Champagne before you go to the red carpet,” jokes Sonam, who is a teetotaler. “If I was really as stressed about what people think about what I am going to wear, then I don't think I would be recognised for my fashion. The very reason I started getting recognised as fashionable was that I just was out there and wore what I wanted to and people appreciated that. That's when this whole revolution of fashion started,” she adds.

Source: IANS 

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