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Hey trolls, what Sonam Kapoor Ahuja wants to wear is her business, none of your business

When will the useless online moral brigade learn to shut up?

Nivi Shrivastava @msjunebug_nivi 30 May 2018, 3:59 PM
Sonam Kapoor likes to wear her mangalsutra on her wrist, and that's absolutely OKAY

Sonam Kapoor likes to wear her mangalsutra on her wrist, and that's absolutely OKAY Image: FOTOCORP

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, like any other 21st century girl, likes to do things her own way. Assuming she is a citizen of a free, democratic nation, and an adult, she should ideally be free to choose what she wants to wear or not. But the self-proclaimed thekedaars of Bhartiya sabhyata got no chill.

So, after marriage, when Sonam decided to wear her mangalsutra as a bracelet, the Internet trolls got their knickers in a twist. Just like the annoying aunty at Sonam's wedding, trolls started criticising her for disrespecting Indian culture. Because unsolicited gyaan on orthodox rituals is the only talent that most keyboard warriors can boast of.

Sonam's mangalsutra is a customised piece of jewellery designed by Usheeta Rawtani. The much-talked-about accessory has traditional black and gold beads, roped in with the couple’s zodiac signs and a solitaire. So thoughtful.

Interestingly, Sonam is the not the first person to wear her mangalsutra on her wrist. Shilpa Shetty did the same after her marriage with Raj Kundra too. So, we don't see a big deal why some people should harass poor Sonam for this non-issue.

Read the backlash she has been receiving for something so non-consequential.

So, Sonam doesn't believe in doing things conventionally. Should that be affecting your life? Not really. Get a life trolls, and let her enjoy hers the way she wants to.

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