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Guess who: Heroine turns cry baby after losing award to a younger actor

This was a rather tough contest, but there can only be one winner after all

Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 30 December 2016, 5:35 PM

'Tis the season of awards and guess who lost an award and her cool? A pretty actor, who's known more for being a fashionista. But this year, she did make a comeback of sorts, 'flying high' with a power-packed performance in a titular role, probably expecting to collect all the awards this season. But alas, that hasn't happened, and we hear she is pretty miffed about it already.

Recently, at a big ticket award function, this actor was spotted crying in her vanity van because she didn't receive the Best Actor Female award for her solo release this year. “She was in tears, literally howling in her vanity van post the show,” said an onlooker.

What's probably bothering her more is that she lost the coveted award to a younger star, who was recognised for her gritty performance in a critically acclaimed film with an ensemble cast shot in the north Indian hinterlands. While the former actor was quite deserving, the decision went in favour of the latter by a miniscule margin. In fact, the winner, who, too, belongs to a filmy family much like our cry baby, had said in an interview earlier this year that she'd be very disappointed if her senior colleague didn't bag an award this season. Perhaps, a little push from her director godfather, who also hosted a section of this award ceremony, helped her win the round against the other actor. Oh no! We never said all this was rigged.

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