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Folks at Sony uploaded a full movie instead of the trailer, and it's the biggest facepalm moment ever!

Whoopsie doodle!

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 5 July 2018, 4:16 PM
On a lighter note, Khali the Killer's 'trailer' was too damn long

On a lighter note, Khali the Killer's 'trailer' was too damn long Image: Twitter

Looks like some folks over at Sony may have lost their jobs. In one of the of the biggest social media faux pas ever, some peeps at Sony Entertainment managed to put the company's entire reputation at stake.

Poor folks were uploading a red band trailer of a crime drama called Khali the Killer on YouTube, but instead of the trailer, they put up the whole effin' movie. Yeah, that happened. The clip, titled Khali the Killer: Official Red Band Trailer Now on DVD & Digital, was 89-minutes-long.

To add to the goof-up, they didn't even realise their mistake until six hours had gone by. The whole movie was available online for SIX HOURS! Whoopsie! It was then taken down and no official statement about the film – which released in Germany in 2017 and is looking at a select theatrical release in August 2018 – was made by Sony Pictures.

While some people are calling it a marketing gimmick, some are just having a laugh about it. 

But the people in the comments section on YouTube are having the most fun. Our favourite comments being, “Trailer gave the whole plot away. Pass.” and “It’s just the trailer the whole movie will be 4 hours”.

The film's summary in IMDb reads, “After deciding to retire, an East LA hit man decides to take one last job to help support his ailing grandmother's end of life care. But everything falls apart, when he develops empathy for the targets of his hit, and he's forced to make the toughest decision of his life.”

The movie stars Richard Cabral, Ryan Dorsey and Clayton Cardenas, and is directed by Jon Matthews.

Now that people have seen it online and many may have downloaded it and pirated it, will the movie still have a theatrical release? Who knows! But, this has to be one of the biggest facepalm moments in Sony's boardroom ever.

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