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Farting and munching on nachos will get you in trouble while watching A Quiet Place

Apart from muffled screams, there are other too damn real fears the film has stirred in viewers

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 11 April 2018, 5:40 PM
Ssshhh! You have to be real quiet while watching A Quiet Place

Ssshhh! You have to be real quiet while watching A Quiet Place Image: IMDB

It was after a really long time that people got treated to a movie like A Quiet Place. Not only the film, but every theatre became a quiet place while the movie-goers watched John Krasinski's scary AF directorial venture in pin-drop silence.

The screams were muffled, viewers were left too conscious of their own breathing, even the slightest commotion could lead to a "if they hear you, they hunt you" moment. You can read all that in our review.

The audience had slightly bigger problems than the demogorgon-like creatures hunting people on screen. If you ask us, their troubles seem pretty legit.

All horror aside, Tweeple shared their woes (and, jokes) and, well... you can see that for yourself.


Same to same.


Oh shit!


Yes Sonam, you are not alone.




This query is so funny.


Someone did this. We can't stop laughing.


Feel for you, bruh.


And how exactly did she respond?


Damn right they were.


Okay. That's something new. Umm, query-wise.


Tangent is different.


We all were there.


Hell, yeah!


That's mean... well... kind of true.


The rumblings should calm the hell down. But, no...


Even burps were a no-no. BTW, when are they okay, again?


Oh, that problem is so real.

We don't remember when was the last time a movie left such an amazing impact on people.

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