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Don't let parental fights take their toll. The Sidharth Sagar incident has a lot to teach us

Dealing with familial confrontations isn't easy, but you can learn to survive it

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 3 April 2018, 8:02 PM
Sidharth Sagar won't let his parents affect him anymore

Sidharth Sagar won't let his parents affect him anymore Image: Facebook/ Sidharth Sagar

Parental fights hit us hard — even if we are away from them. It's not uncommon to resort to means of escape if you have to deal with a diffcult family situation — arguments over inane issues, familial confrontations, divorce, separation are nothing less than a battle to deal with.

One often takes to substance abuse to sail through such tumultuous times. But unfortunately, no amount of drug abuse or alcoholism can help one get out of such a mayhem. On the contrary, it adds to the problems. Comedian Sidharth Sagar, who has been in incognito mode owing to his troubled family life, has learnt his lesson the hard way. After keeping low for a prolonged period of time, Sidharth, who was last seen on the show Comedy Classes, finally revealed the reason behind his absence from the silver screen at a press conference in Mumbai, according to DNA.

Sidharth's parents parted ways 20 years ago. Ever since, he has been putting up with his mother to whom he is quite close. But things started changing after her mother started seeing another man. Sidharth went into depression, he wasn't keeping well and his speech started slurring. Soon, he realised that his mother was giving him medicines for bipolar disorder without his knowledge, even though he had never been diagnosed with any such disorder.

"There came a time when I started feeling really low and I had put on weight. And since I was trying to stop smoking, I was taking too much coffee. Soon, I realised I was depressed. My speech slurred and I was in a bad zone. When I told my parents about it, they said they have put me on medicines for bipolar disease. I was shell-shocked when I heard it. I know about bipolar and I didn’t have any of the symptoms, and here my parents were giving me drugs by mixing it in my food," he was quoted as saying in the report.









Much like him, his mom was going through a terrible phase, too, which is often the case in parental fights. You know your parents are unhappy too, you just don't know what to tell them. Things took an ugly turn when Sidharth got into a brawl with his mother's boyfriend. Soon after, he left his mother's place and started living alone.

Despite the shift, he wasn't feeling any better. Soon, he took to substance abuse, which inevitably worsened his mental condition. He was finally admitted to rehab, where he had a nightmarish experience.

"I faced the worst moments of my life in the centre where they used to mercilessly bash me (breaks down). Four-five people used to bash me and I would bleed and lose conscience. I was shattered completely. Somehow, I managed to connect with my managers, who pulled me out from there after a month," rued Sidharth.

Yup (Image: Tumblr)

His life didn't get any better post that. Fights with his mother's boyfriend were commonplace. Plus, he had also filed an NC against his mother and her boyfriend, as he was scared that they might harm him. On his way back from Goa, he was forcefully admitted to a mental asylum. The asylum was a complete horror. But thankfully, his mother shifted him to another rehab, where he was finally treated. According to the doctors there, Sidharth's health worsened because of the medicines his mother used to give him.

However, Sidharth is finally up on his feet and wants to give life a second chance. He is looking for work and he hopes that soon everything will be alright.

So peeps, do not take to substance abuse in case you are going through a rough phase. Also, remember to keep your friends close and talk to at least someone about your situation. If you find that your parents are in the wrong, try to come out of the situation without hurting yourself or them. As Bob Marley said, wake up stand up... stand up for your rights.

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