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Deadpool is on an apology tour, and his first stop is old friend David Beckham

Take a cue from Deadpool on how to apologise to a friend for a mean comment, peeps

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 11 May 2018, 3:15 PM
Deadpool paid a visit to an old friend

Deadpool paid a visit to an old friend Image: 20th Century Fox

Merc with a mouth Deadpool has miffed a host of people in the first film with his mean side. Wut? Have you forgotten all the digs he took at people and got away with? You may have but David Beckham certainly hasn't. Especially when DP was mean enough to make fun of Beckham's voice – which by the way is sexy in its own right.

In the first film, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), among other comments, made fun of hot Brit David's voice by saying, “Ever heard David Beckham speak? Sounds like he mouth-sexed a can of helium.” Oh shucks!

The tables have turned, and in addition to doing the good things, looks like our happened-by-chance-superhero is on the road to redemption. Basically, his own apology tour. And, the first stop was David. Of course DP, you had to.

You had it coming, DP!

You had it coming, DP! GIF:

This fun video of Wade trying to make things right between the two of them is hilarious AF.

P.S. The hug bit was our fave. Plus, you can't unhear David's sly digs at Ryan Reynolds's bad films. #Burn

And we certainly learnt a thing or two about ways in which we should say sorry to a friend we have wronged. Milk and cookie? Check! Helium balloons? Check! Mariachi music? Check! Tickets to their fave game? Double check!

In the real world, Ryan thanked the football star on Instagram and lauded his sporting spirit for coming out to play. 

Well, well, well, it was just last week Deadpool collab-ed with Celine Dion and churned out a beautiful number that's not likely to go Ashes any time soon. Then, the Infinity War dig and request to keep Deadpool 2 spoiler-free happened. And now, DB on board. Whoa! Ryan and gang are bringing the house down already.

Well done, Wade

Well done, Wade GIF:

The David Leitch directorial venture is slated to arrive on May 18. It's only then we will know for sure how cool is this superhero. Or do we know it already? Do we?

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