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Chris Hemsworth's hilarious salsa lesson to wife Elsa Pataky is winning the Internet

The God of Thunder made our hearts rumble as he wished his wife a happy birthday while dancing to Despacito

Nanda Das @nanda1das 19 July 2018, 12:54 PM
Thor has some demigod dance skills. You agree?

Thor has some demigod dance skills. You agree? Image: Twitter

After making us swoon with his good looks, good looks and good looks *fan alert*, the God of Thunder aka Thor aka Chris Hemsworth has now literally danced his way into our hearts. On his wife Elsa Pataky's 42nd birthday, the Australian actor gifted her and us lucky mortals a glimpse of his dancing skills.

Hemsworth ditched the tried-and-tested traditional gifting options such as clothes or jewellery, he instead gave his wife of eight years a gift she would remember all her life — a salsa lesson, grooving to the chartbuster song Despacito.

TBH, the wild performance was not a testimony to Hemsworth's dancing skills, but he did win our hearts (and surely his wife's) by posting the scene on Instagram with the goofy caption, "Gave my wife a dance lesson for her birthday, I should’ve given myself one too Happy Birthday love @ElsaPataky_ #danceismylife #salsa4life," the actor posted on Twitter.

Please note the hashtags #danceismylife and #salsa4life, which had us roaring with laughter as they totally belie his far-from-impressive salsa skills.

But looks like the birthday girl was floored by the performance as she took to Twitter to show her appreciation.

The hilarious AF video has gone viral, garnering more than 12,127 retweets and 67,395 likes so far. Fans are having a ball seeing their beloved Thor shake a leg (or failing to) with the woman in his life.

Ever since he posted the video early this morning, it has garnered 12,127 retweets and 67,395 likes. 

The goofy birthday celebration didn't end there. Pataky, too, posted a video of the two, pulling wine from a barrel and switching glasses mid-stream to perfection.

We totally see how Hemsworth is taking his recent on-screen fun avatar in Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War to his real life.

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