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Black Panther's Honest Trailer is so funny it has us gasping for air

And you thought that the original movie was good. Wait till you see this...

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 16 May 2018, 6:02 PM
'Wakanda Forever' and ever. Amen...

'Wakanda Forever' and ever. Amen... Image: Marvel Studios

Marvel fans got a new obsession in the form of Black Panther and everything about the movie makes fans go, 'Wakanada Forever'. The thrill is real, you guys.

You may have guessed it by now that how we, too, are in awe of everything BP — the vibranium-full kingdom and all things about MCU's first all (almost) black cast superhero movie. It's just sooo good. What do we do?

Plus, all thanks to the Internet, the fandemonium around the Chadwick Boseman starrer is pretty slick. From memes to reviews, this Marvel movie has created the right kind of brouhaha.

Talking about brouhaha, have you seen the Honest Trailer Review of the film? No? What are you saying?

You absolutely must. Cuz dudeeees (and dudettes) it's amaze to the T. 

We are cracking up on gems such as these:

“One thing sets him apart from all the heroes from MCU, not 'cause he's black, not 'cause he's royalty. Nope 'cause this Marvel hero just won't quip."

“Journey to Wakanda a combination of The Jetsons and the 1990's Jet Magazine.”


Hihihih! GIF: Giphy

"Killmonger. Michael B Jordan's Michael Jordan of Marvel villains. He's the buffest dude to ever graduate from MIT. Who's ripped for your pleasure and who actually wins the moral argument and changes the hero's mind.”

“Quick, make him choke on that lady so I know who to root for!”

They even gave the film an apt name – The AristoCAT.

We are laughing so hard. Dayam, these guys are hilarious AF. 

LOL-ing hard

LOL-ing hard GIF: Giphy

These guys at Screen Junkies are brill, and we're getting our popcorn tubs ready for their other Honest Trailers.

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