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Black Panther just crossed the $1 billion mark, and fans are screaming, 'Wakanda Forever'

Glory to the Bast, they crossed the milestone in less than a month

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 11 March 2018, 6:43 PM
A still from Black Panther

A still from Black Panther Image: Facebook

Make way for our king, T’Challa! Black Panther is still going strong and we love every bit of it. The extravagance we have witnessed on screen is mind-blowing. Any news about the film sends us into a happy zone and RN, we are rejoicing the film’s box-office feat.

Black Panther crossed a box-office milestone so big that the world can’t keep calm. It grossed over $1billion (Rs 6500 crore approx) worldwide and has added another feather in its hat. And, it did that in just 26 days, Wohooo! Glory to the Bast!

Black Panther has garnered over $521 million in the US. It’s the ninth-highest release of all time. If it manages to collect over $40 million this weekend, it would become the No. 2 superhero release of all time over The Dark Knight’s $535 million. Hear that?

Upon hearing this, fans couldn’t keep calm, and are exclaiming, ‘Wakanda forever’.


And, the women were OH MY GAWD so good.

Congratulations are in order.

That opinion, though. Nice.

Apt summation.

Wakanda forever!

The Ryan Coogler directorial venture, with predominantly black people like Chadwick Boseman, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira and Michael B Jordan running the show, is going down in history. And we are only too glad.

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