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Awaken your inner badass with The Hound's best insults from Game of Thrones

The Hound may not be our favourite character but his one-liners have us screaming with joy

Kaushani Banerjee 14 September 2017, 8:00 PM
The Hound is one of the wittiest characters on the show

The Hound is one of the wittiest characters on the show Image: YouTube

We all love Jon's bravery, Tyrion's charisma, Daenerys' dragons and Cersei's intelligence. But no one ever talks about The Hound's witty one-liners. Sandor Clegane (yep, that's The Hound's name) has often displayed inimitable wit.


We know, we know, you think the Hound's just another goon like The Mountain (who follows Cersie Lannister's orders), but there's so much more to him, as the last season showed us. He started his Games of Thrones career as the personal bodyguard of Prince Joffrey and managed to make it into the Kingsguard. Remember when he gave Sansa his cloak after Joffrey ordered her to be stripped and publicly beaten? His character has been evolving since. It was during in his time with Arya that he truly blossomed.


But, of course, he's still got a killer streak and the words that flow out of his mouth make everyone shut up. Most of his insults begin with the F word, the classic one being “F*** the king”. So, take a deep breath and listen to the man. It'll help you feel better if you're having a bad day.



Here's the mashup:

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