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Are you being picked on for your weight? Shrug it off like Sonakshi Sinha

Take tips from Sonakshi and deal with body-shamers like a bawse

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 3 May 2018, 6:04 PM
Sonakshi Sinha has no qualms about her body type; neither should you

Sonakshi Sinha has no qualms about her body type; neither should you Image: Fotocorp

Being laughed at for your body type can be a harrowing experience. People not only body-shame you with insensitive remarks, but also ask you callous questions as to why you are too fat or too skinny. You either stop answering people out of sheer irritation or shed/gain those extra kgs to keep such comments at bay. But what if you are comfortable in your skin and don't want to lose/gain weight? In such a scenario, the best way to deal with your trolls is to become indifferent. And we have some inspo for you to do just that.

Sonakshi Sinha, who is often body-shamed, has wrapped a cloak of indifference around her and has no flying effs to give about being called overweight. Now that's what you call dealing with things like a bawse.

"I have been answering questions about my weight loss for so long that I have become indifferent to them. There are certain things that seem odd at the moment, but I am kind of used to it," Sonakshi told a news agency.



Ever since her first film Dabangg (2010) hit the screens, she has been criticised for her body type. While some simply fat-shame her, others 'advise' her to lose weight to look better. But Sonakshi believes in being fit and is absolutely cool with such criticism.

"It's okay, it’s part of my profession. These are very basic things that people are interested in, which is why they ask. They are, I guess, the most obvious questions," she said.

So peeps, what have you learnt from this? That indifference is the best mantra to deal with body-shamers. And size really does not matter.

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