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Actors singing for films is fine, but not at international concerts: Armaan Malik

The Jab Tak hitmaker had stirred a hornet's nest when he raised objections about Sonakshi Sinha's opening act at the Bieber concert

Nanda Das @nanda1das 22 June 2017, 8:25 PM
Armaan is really kicked about his Delhi concert

Armaan is really kicked about his Delhi concert Image: Fotocorp

It has been over a decade that Armaan Malik is in the industry and churning out back-to-back hits. The singer, who is quite popular among the youth, stirred a hornet's nest last month when he protested against Sonakshi Sinha performing the opening gig at Justin Bieber's Mumbai concert. His comment had angered many, while there were others who supported his views. We caught up with the singer before his much-awaited Delhi concert and he spoke about the current trends in the music industry, his favourite actor-singer and much more.


How has the music scene in Bollywood evolved over a period of time?

I think Bollywood music right now is stuck between the past and the future. Old songs are being recreated and presented in a new way. Though few of them such as Hamma Hamma are really working well, many are going unnoticed. The audience too often complain of a lack of originality in the music industry. This phase will be over in a month or so and we will have a lot of original content coming up. We have an exciting phase in Bollywood ahead.

You were involved in a Twitter feud with Sonakshi Sinha over her opening gig at the Justin Bieber concert. Do you still feel the same way?

I still stand by my statement that actors should not be performing opening acts at international music concerts that happen in our country.

Why do you think Bollywood actors are turning to singing?

Singing for movies is fine. I think they are doing it for the promotion of a movie and the trend is really cool. Even Salman bhai sang Main Hoon Hero Tera when we were working on Hero. And it's great that their fans get to see the actors in a new avatar. I never raised any objection about actors singing in films. Parineeti (Chopra) also did a great job in Mana Ki Hum Yaar Nahi. But when it comes to concerts, especially those involving global stars, actors should take the back seat as far as singing is concerned. Musicians and singers should be given first priority.

Which actor-singers would get a thumbs-up from you?

I feel Parineeti sings really well. She has handled Mana ki Hum Yaar  quite well. She is a trained classical singer. Sharddha (Kapoor) is also good. She has inherited her musical talents from her family.

Are you excited about your performance in Delhi tomorrow?

I am quite excited as I have got to know from social media that I have many fans in Delhi. They have been waiting to see me perform live. I have got the set especially designed at the MTV FLYP Cafe. I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

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