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Actors are always under pressure to look perfect: Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha believes in healthy living and she is definitely not the one to give in to unrealistic showbiz norms

IANS 25 November 2016, 3:43 PM
Sonakshi Sinha ticked off all big fashion trends this year. She held on to the 90s choker

Sonakshi Sinha ticked off all big fashion trends this year. She held on to the 90s choker Image: Solaris

Shotgun junior aka Sonakshi Sinha feels that celebrities are always under pressure to look perfect, but she makes it a point to promote a 'healthy' body image.

"I think actors are always under pressure to look perfect all the time. However, it depends on the particular person on how you feel that pressure. I have always been somebody who has been projected as a healthy body image," said the Force 2 actor at a health award function.

Expounding her take on healthy living, she said, "I know that young girls take us as an inspiration. They follow us in every way. Therefore, I don't want to give any wrong message regarding health related issues. What I feel is that you have to be healthy and happy if you want to do something noteworthy in your life."

Sona has often been trolled for her body type. However, that hasn't affected the actor's grit and confidence. Some of the biggest B-town actors, like Vidya Balan, Kajol and Huma Qureshi, would agree with Sona, as they, too, have spoken up against unrealistic body goals.

Sinha was recently seen kicking some serious ass on screen, in Akira and Force 2. Though both the movies failed to make waves, it definitely gave us a glimpse of Sonakshi's action-packed avatar.

 Now the actor is all set to step into the shoes of a journalist in her next flick Noor.

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