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A Flying Jatt Review: #CopycatSupermanAnyone?

Tiger doesn't impress as a superhero. As an ordinary teacher trying to get the girl, he scores better

Indu Mirani 25 August 2016, 6:11 PM
T2 Review
Tiger Shroff in and as A Flying Jatt

Tiger Shroff in and as A Flying Jatt Image: Facebook

Starring: Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, Amrita Singh, Nathan Jones

Written by: Tushar Hiranandani, Mayur Puri, Remo

Directed by: Remo D'Souza

Produced by: Balaji Motion Pictures

You will like this if you liked: Krrish 3

I would pay: 200/500

At first, A Flying Jatt ticks all the superhero boxes but then spoils it by taking itself too seriously and moving the action to the International Space Station (ISS). Yeah, really.

Staying true to the superhero story, Tiger Shroff is a mild, meek-mannered Karate teacher (with a fear of heights) at a local school that also has Jacqueline Fernandez (bespectacled) on the faculty. The area where the school is built is a little oasis of purity in the polluted world built by Tiger’s parents, a patriotic Sikh and the feisty Amrita Singh whose conversation is peppered with cuss words. Arch villain and industrialist Kay Kay Menon (wasted) covets the spot and sends his henchman, Nathan Jones, a towering hulk of a man to forcibly acquire it. In one of those strange moments when mythology, religion and history come together, and shards of lightning convey the supernatural aspect of it all, Tiger who is otherwise no match for Jones, acquires super powers and Jones becomes something like the demon of pollution with dark circles around his eyes and smoke pouring from his ears like he was irked about something.

Having set up superhero vs supervillain, the story then inevitably gets down to comedy and romance. And this is where Tiger comes into his own. In fact, given his skills at stunts, he’s not too impressive as a superhero but as an ordinary teacher trying to get the girl, he scores better. There are some genuinely funny moments like when Shraddha Kapoor makes an appearance as herself, proposes to Flying Jatt and Jacqueline wails, “He chose Shakti Kapoor’s daughter over me,” or when Tiger bullies his brother (Gaurav Pandey, impressive) to impersonate him, and, of course, the poor guy gets beaten up really badly.

Some facts of historical significance are thrown in, like why the time 12 o’clock is associated with Sardars or the significance of the Pagdi. There is also a bit about how we are all polluting the environment, giving rise to such baddies as Menon and Jones. Clear up the pollution, the film says and you save earth.

As a superhero film, it has some bits that will appeal to kids, including a Matrix-like scene in which time stands still and Tiger picks the bullets before they can hit the good guys or the hand to hand combat that routinely occurs as he goes about his job of being a superhero. But much of this becomes repetitive, offers no punch after a while and makes one wonder if the editor of the film was sleeping on the job. FX, so important in a film like this, is tacky and the song in which Tiger and Jacqueline fly around is very lazily done.

Towards the end, the film runs out of steam and the final fight between Jatt and Jones shifts to the ISS. Maybe the idea is that with both of them being weightless in space, the fight is even but isn’t superheroism all about powers and not body weight or size? Eh! Remo?

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