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5 questions Baaghi 2 left unanswered. Ahmed Khan, are you listening?

Bam. Wham. Dhishoom. 'Urrrggghhhh,' said Tiger, and the audience echoed him

Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 30 March 2018, 7:33 PM
T2 Review
Tiger and Disha in a still from Baaghi 2

Tiger and Disha in a still from Baaghi 2 Image: YouTube/ Fox Star Hindi

Film: Baaghi 2

Cast: Tiger Shroff, Disha Patani, Manoj Bajpayee, Randeep Hooda, Pratiek Babbar

Director: Ahmed Khan

You will like it if you like: Baaghi (2016)

If you thought Bollywood is misogynistic and always commodifies women, Baaghi 2 is your answer. While Disha Patani, for the little while she was in the film, got to wear salwar suits, and in flashbacks, chic casual college girl outfits, Tiger Shroff was stripped and lubricated as he paraded through the 2.5-hour long narrative. 

Baaghi 2 for most parts was exactly like Baaghi 1, but it's better simply by virtue of the absence of Shraddha Kapoor and her annoying voice. This one is cleaner, bigger in scale and, perhaps, even a better director (sorry Sabbir Khan). It has better actors in Manoj Bajpayee, Randeep Hooda, Prateik Babbar and Deepak Dobriyal. So, as a whole, the film is bearable and entertaining even, especially thanks to some witty dialogues. At one point Manoj asks Deepak, "Yeh baat tu court mein bolega?" and he responds, "Court mein kya lungi mein bhi bolega." Yet, the film leaves a quite a few questions unanswered. Here's our list. Ahmed Khan, are you listening? 

#1 Why does Disha always die?

This eternal question has been bothering me as much as those pesky caramel popcorns in my tub of cheese popcorns. From MS Dhoni: The Untold Story to now Baaghi 2, the film only seems to start after Disha bids adieu. Why does she always have to be the face of unfulfilled love?

#2 What's a one-man army?

When have Bollywood heroes needed to be military trained to beat hundredes of baddies to pulp? But Baaghi gives you logic, if he's an army guy he ought to be tough, but you know that's just an illusion, right? Army or allien, who survives machine guns and bazookas just by grunting and running bare-chested towards them? Did the guns eat up the bullets after they pissed in their pants once Tiger started grunting? That's the only possible explanation.





#3 What's the real agenda here?

Neha (Disha) seeks Ronnie's (Tiger) help to find Rhea, her three-year-old daughter. Rhea has been kidnapped, no one seems to have any clue where she is, and the confusion around this kidnapping mounts to a point that you start to believe that Rhea was simply a figment of Neha's mind. Ronnie, in his journey to find Rhea, unearths a drug racket run by the guy you'd least suspect. Now this druglord (I won't tell you who that is) was already running a business successfully, the kid wasn't going to serve any purpose except for letting one of his assignments get cleared. So why didn't he just kill her off after his work was done? When was the last time you saw a criminal nurture pawns beyond their expiry date? But then, if evil logic had prevailed, there'd be no second half.

#4 Why are we constantly reminded that we should be scared of Tiger?

The entire first half, Tiger is normal, as normal as he can be. Right after you are back from your bathroom break during intermission, Tiger starts grunting. During every fight scene — the whole of the second half is a fight scene — annonymous guys on the phone give you live commentary on how deadly this guy is. At one point, his army commander flies down from the border just to inform Randeep that he should be scared of Ronnie. Seems like Ronnie has a very active PR machinery working behind creating his deadly image. 

#5 What's this obsession with tributes?

If Jacqueline Fernandez's tribute to Madhuri Dixit with Ek Do Teen wasn't bad enough, Tiger and Ahmed's tribute to Rambo will do it for you. When Neha dies, Ronnie only manages to grab her red dupatta, a piece of cloth that will now complete their Rambo plagiarism. So the question really is, is a tribute really a tribute or just our inability to think up original content? Okay, that last one was a rhetorical question. Ahmed, you're excused. 

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