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5-minute makeup and gym bag must-haves: Jacqueline Fernandez takes our really random rapid fire

Jacky's pointers can really sort out your fitness itinerary

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 20 April 2018, 6:44 PM
T2 Interview
Jacky gets chatty

Jacky gets chatty Image: Fotocorp

She is the desi millennial's favourite multitasker. In the last six months, Jacqueline Fernandez launched a makeup line, opened up a restaurant in Colombo, blazed through screens with Ek Do Teen. She is now gearing up for Race 3 and her pole dancing video is still on our Insta-list. And amid all this, Jacky has found time to launch a female-only athleisure brand.

Just F, the millennial fitness brand, which Jacky launched in collaboration with Mojostar, is making news. "I have always wanted to have a clothing brand of my own, so when the right time came, I chose athleisure. Fitness and fashion are to me a way of living, and I wanted my active-wear to reflect my personality and complement my lifestyle. Launching Just F, a feminine and fun take on fitness from my perspective, is a big moment for me," says Jacquline.

We caught up with the actor amid her busy schedule for a round of rapid fire. Buckle up:

Five things that are in your bag right now?

1. Housekeys
2. Phone
3. Wallet
4. Perfume
5. Gum

Two things you always have in your gym bag

1. Towels
2. Deodorant







Your favourite gym/ athleisure wear?

I have this really nice pair from Stella McCartney

Four things without which you never leave home?

1. Housekeys
2. Wallet
3. Phone
4. Perfume

What do you do when you're on a diet but your co-workers or friends want to go out to eat?

I can still go and pick something healthy from the menu, which doesn’t compromise my diet plan. Otherwise, I usually carry my own food.





You have so much to learn from me 🤪

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What are the two things you do when you wake up?

1.Drink a glass of water
2.Mediate for a couple of minutes 

Have you ever done the 5-minute makeup when you're running late?

I usually do in my car! Haha







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